Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions


These terms and conditions govern the policies and formalities of Art Afrique and its client relationships.


Once an order is placed by a client and the invoice has been submitted and the initial deposit paid that invoice now binds as a contract.

No deposits are refundable once received, as projects are placed into production.
If the client cancels any projects, no deposits are refundable.

A client may choose to exchange a project with that of a similar size and priced project before production occurs on the initial project.

Art Afrique and its suppliers are not subject to the implications of cancelled orders and the client will forfeit their deposits as a result.

Art Afrique owns the rights to all designs sold to clients and such designs cannot be reproduced by any client without the written permission of Art Afrique's founder.

All projects are still owned fully by Art Afrique until fully paid by the client, and Art Afrique has the right to retrieve and project un-paid for by the client.

The client is entitled to one design change per site/project within in the design phase, and if so happens that designs are to change or alter in production a 5% design fee will be applied and the difference of the change will be invoiced to the client in the form a variation order. The client will be liable to pay the fee before any further production occurs on a specified site/project.

A client should communicate any changes or cancellations on designs or invoices in writing to the office of its managing director within 14 days or before any work has gone into production(sample phase is considered production phase).

None of Art Afrique's suppliers or makers may be contacted during the project or 6 months thereafter.

The client or any of their representatives may not approach any Art Afrique employees or their affiliate companies to take on any current work, or new work while under contract with Art Afrique without Art Afrique's managing directors written consent. Should this occur with no written consent by Art Afrique's managing director then a 50% fine will be added to the original invoice which the client will be liable to pay.

Art Afrique has the rights to sell any of their contracts to any supplier or affiliate company of they believe the workload is too full.

Once the deposit has been paid, no price negotiations will be entered furthermore into the contract by either Art Afrique or its client.