About Us

Art Afrique Art Gallery & Consultants are an international art consulting company with our head office based in South Africa.  Our origins began in sourcing Art from Africa with a world flavor, and we have since expanded in to an international art consulting group with knowledge of both local and international art.

  • Art Afrique Art Gallery & Consultants have their own design and manufacturing studio.
  • We consult internationally with Architects and Interior Designers.
  • We source and supply framed, bespoke limited edition prints, photographic and original art works of both living and deceased artists.
  • From our studio we produce ceramics, metal work, sculptures, mosaics and glass work. We love creating that once-off piece for a special space, however, we do also produce specifically designed pieces in volumes for hotels.
  • We have over 500 artists whom we work with.
  • We conceptualize and produce bespoke pieces and incorporate / include lighting.
  • We work with international clients, as well as locally in Africa.
  • Our art collective have worked on Hotels, Shopping Malls, Airports, Hospitals and top end private homes.
  • We are also known for using local artists and doing community art upliftment projects which give the clients and developers a value added dimension to their projects by supporting the community.

We dream big, and no project is too large or too small.

Our Gallery is situated in Victoria Yards, one of Johannesburg’s most exciting new downtown developments, with artist studios and artisan workshops.  It is essentially a space were artisans, musicians, artists and the community can come together to share skills and trade.  It includes a beautiful urban garden where different types of herbs veggies and flowers are flourishing.

Art Van Go
We provide a special art consulting service  in the privacy of one’s home, where we deliver a range of selected pieces.  The service  includes art selection, commissioning, framing and installation.